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"From day one of our partnership, the insight and expertise offered by the Alta Bering team have been invaluable. Taking the time to thoroughly understand our business's unique needs, they delivered a business intelligence solution which not only addresses our current challenges but also sets us up for the future"

Aldo Cundari, Chairman -

A car manufacturer targeted growth without foregoing profitability in a very competitive market. Their strategy was to help the salesmen on the floor proactively retain customers whose lease contracts were approaching termination.

Insight and Implementation


Alta Bering created a system that brought together customer history and proprietary demographic data classifying customers, discovering the best possible offer at the lowest promotional cost.  The system included a native mobile application for salespeople and dealer management to pull and forward leads with account attributes, predictions, and prescribed action.




Resource allocation is calibrated for the highest possible impact. Marketing plans are now in sync with the needs of the sales floor, churn is expected to slow down by 10% in the first quarter of implementation.

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