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"EPO optimization tool and Alta Bering consultancy service helped our sales management to determine how to use available resources more effectively. With the EPO tool, it is easier to allocate/reallocate resources and follow up performance results."

Novartis Turkey / CEO -

Shifting market dynamics require that pharmaceuticals companies to see and share the market dynamics with sales teams and find ways to improve on sales models. SFE is also achieved when multiple product teams work in concert around physician access and detailing channels.

Insight and Implementation


Management required greater control over the size and structure of the sales team and the decision support to optimize all relevant resources for a product group or a brand across multiple geographies and segments. Resource efficiencies can be achieved despite complexity; not only by shifting or reducing resources but also by correctly estimating the potential for market share in each “brick” of activity.



Our solution allowed for on-the-fly performance optimization by sales area, region, sales reps, and product groups. The result was a 20% improvement in sales staff allocation, making these resources available for an upcoming product launch.

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