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Path to Better Decisions

Alta Bering's mission is to drive insights from data.

We are a data and analytics company with deep roots in technology, finance, and management consulting.

Founder's Vision

Decisions making informed with comprehensive and unbiased data, and supported by far-sighted reasoning, will sustain a better world.

Managers, individuals, and crowds make better decisions at the marketplace, at home, and at the polls when informed with more data and independently verified facts.

Guiding Principles

Alta Bering successfully completed numerous management consulting, resource allocation, and technology deployment projects in Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Retail, Finance, and Consumer Goods industries; always following these guiding principles:

- Our world is complex. Complexity should be managed to meet deadlines. To quote Albert Einstein: Everything should be made as simple as possible, …but not simpler. Making this trade-off to avail favoravble outcomes requires our judgement and experience.

- Worthwhile solutions require hard work. Shortcut solutions are rarely sustainable.

- Solving a problem often creates other side effects. We should assess and document the impact of our solutions on pressing existential problems, even when we can’t mitigate this impact:

  • Climate change

  • Extreme poverty

  • Individual rights and equal opportunity

  • Destruction of the environment

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